Political Analyst

Politics has played an important role in my life since childhood. In 2002, I obtained a grade A A-level in Government and Politics. Three years later, I obtained a 2:1 degree in Politics and Communication Studies from The University of Liverpool.

I am the author of the Sovereignty UK website, which contains a series of in-depth analytical articles about the implications of Brexit.

From June 2018 until May 2019, I presented the Brexit Briefing podcast, and since June 2019, Brexit and other political matters have been the basis of the weekly Twenty Minute Topic podcast, which I co-present.

I make regular appearances on TV and radio as a political analyst, both in the UK and internationally. Radio stations I appear on include Talk Radio and Radio Sputnik. I have also made appearances on a number of international TV channels to discuss Brexit, including Russia 1 and EKOTÜRK.

My work has featured in the widely-read political magazine Spiked and I also wrote a number of articles for the website BackBench during the middle part of this decade.

Please email me using the contact form if you want me to appear on your TV or radio programme.