During 2015 and 2016, I worked extensively on Made in Cardiff’s sports programming, as well as making occasional features for the channel’s main evening news programme.

Most of my sports features were based on snooker, darts and American Football. You can view my showreel by clicking here.

Marcus Stead
Marcus Stead on Made in Cardiff

Feature subjects include:

  • Kishan Hirani, one of Wales’s leading young amateur snooker players who hopes to earn a professional tour place in the next few years.
  • Anthony Davies, a former professional snooker player who is now the Welsh national coach.
  • Sam Thomas, a young snooker player and trick shot specialist with a worldwide following on YouTube.
  • Rhys Griffin, a semi-professional darts player who has beaten several of the world’s leading players.
  • An evening at the Cardiff and District Darts League, one of the most competitive county leagues in the country.
  • Duane Jones, an up-and-coming professional tour snooker player and a former IBSF World 6 Reds champion.
  • A training and recruitment day with American Football side the South Wales Warriors.
  • Dylan Emery, one of Europe’s leading teenage snooker talents.
Showreel Picture 2
Marcus Stead interviewing ‘the other’ Danny Dyer

  • ‘The Other’ Danny Dyer, a darts enthusiast who hopes to earn a place on the PDC tour.
  • With my ‘political hat’ on, I have made appearances on a number of international TV channels to discuss Brexit, including Russia 1 and EKOTÜRK, along with several appearances on the BBC Wales debate programme The Hour.

    In more recent times, I have appeared on RT (though not since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which I have repeatedly condemned) and Talk TV.

    Marcus Stead Talk TV
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