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Marcus Stead Right to Manage
Marcus Stead

I have taken a keen interest in the property sector for some years, both as a landlord and as a director of a ‘Right to Manage’ company for the block of flats I live in.

One of my specialist areas is the ‘Right to Manage’ process, whereby owners of flats in a block can come together to remove greedy or negligent management companies and set up their own ‘Right to Manage’ company in its place.

I have written articles and given talks on this subject. Click here to read a feature I wrote for The Guardian on the benefits of going ‘Right to Manage’ in 2012.

If you would like me to write a feature or come on your TV/radio programme to discuss the benefits of going Right to Manage, please get in touch.

I am also available to give presentations to flat owners or community groups about this subject.

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